Electron Crash Reporter

Submit issues on GitHub.

Create a new project and start uploading crash reports using the crashReporter and the correct URL.

How to test it?


Execute the process.crash() from anywhere in your code.


Open a terminal, create a crash.log file and upload it using cURL with the right upload URL that you can take from project's upload URLs.

If you don't want to create a new project, use this one to test: GitHub.

echo 'Hello, world!' > crash.log
curl --form ver=ver \
  --form platform=platform \
  --form process_type=process_type \
  --form guid=guid \
  --form _version=_version \
  --form _productName=_productName \
  --form prod=prod \
  --form _companyName=_companyName \
  --form upload_file_minidump=@crash.log \